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With the exception of the Center for Adults Living Well programs, membership is optional for participation in Y programs. Fitness and Family memberships offer additional benefits including discounts.

Fitness Membership:
All members of the Fitness Center must obtain a photo I.D. and they must adhere to the Center’s rules and regulations. The fitness membership application can be found on our Registration Forms page.

Member benefits:

  • Access to our newly renovated fitness center:
    • Cardio Room
    • Weight Room
    • Dance Studios (when not in use)
    • Open Hoops
  • Discounted price for fitness classes*

Summer Fitness Membership Special
The Y is offering special summer memberships for May 30 to September 1 so you can get healthy, feel good, and look great! Contact Rodger at 212-569-6200 x255 or for more information.
Individual: $99*
Couple: $150*
*Fee will be prorated if membership starts after May 30.

Payment Options for Annual Fitness Membership

Type Option 1: Pay Upfront Option 2:
At Registration + Installments
22 to 59 years old
$275 $120 at registration + $30 per month for 6 months
Young Adult
18 to 21 years old
$200 $100 at registration + $20 per month for 6 months
14 to 17 years old
$125 No Option 2
60+ years old
$150 $85 at registration + $15 per month for 6 months
Department of Education employees
Employed by School District 6 (Use restricted to 9am-5pm)
$150 No Option 2
Adult + Teen $350 $135 at registration + $40 per month for 6 months
Married Couple + Teen $450 $205 at registration + $45 per month for 6 months
Married Couple $375 $130 at registration + $45 per month for 6 months
Senior Couple
Married couple 60+ years old
$250 $125 at registration + $25 per month for 6 months

*Enrollment in a semester of fitness class is $50 for members and $100 for non-members.
Fitness class walk-ins are $10 per class for members and $15 for non-members.

Want to try us out? We offer One Day Guest Passes for only $10!

Family Membership:
Benefits for new members:

  • Discounted pricing for Y programming, including the Y Nursery School, nursery & youth enrichment classes, Be Me: Afterschool Program, Footpaths Nursery Camp, Camp Twelve Trails, adult art & culture classes, and fitness classes
  • Fitness center access for one family member*
    • Cardio Room
    • Weight Room
    • Dance Studios (when not in use)
    • Open Hoops
Type Annual Membership (paid upfront)
One child in a program $350
Two children in programs $400
Additional fitness membership for one family member* $50

*Children under 14 are not allowed to use the fitness facilities, however membership entitles them to receive discounted registration for Y programs. Fitness access for one additional person can be added for $50.

Please note, our Family Membership cycles run from July 1 to June 30, and from September 1 to August 31. If you have any questions, please contact us at 212-569-6200 or .

Center for Adults Living Well (CALW) Membership:
The Center is for those 60 and better; participation in their programs requires CALW registration, however there is no membership fee. Full fitness center privileges are not included. Senior adults may pay a discounted fee for full fitness center access.

Available July 1, 2016 for families with two or more participants enrolled. A 5% discount will be applied to the participant with the lower fee. In the case of more than one sibling, the 5% discount applies to all additional participants after the first participant.


A sibling discount will be issued when guardians contract services for more than 1 child at the Y. Each sibling must be registered for concurrent programs in the same year:

  • 2 children enrolled in the Y Nursery School 2016-17
  • 2 children enrolled in Be Me: After School Program 2016-17
  • 1 child enrolled in Nursery School 2016-17 and 1 child enrolled in Be Me After School 2016-17
  • 1 child enrolled in Footpaths Nursery Camp 2017 and 1 child enrolled in Camp Twelve Trails 2017

Discounts are applied to the following charges:

  • Nursery School tuition (including Early, Lunch, Late, and Extended Care) and Nursery School transportation
  • Be Me tuition and Be Me transportation
  • Camp Twelve Trails tuition (including Early and Late Care)
  • Footpaths Nursery Camp tuition (including Early, Lunch, Late, and Extended Care) and Footpaths Nursery Camp transportation

Discounts are not applicable to the following:

  • Nursery School Electives
  • Be Me Electives
  • Birthday Parties
  • Sunday Funday
  • Fitness Memberships
  • Toddler Programs (i.e. Music + Playtime Combo Class)
  • Holiday Camp, School Half Days and Day Off Programs

For programs where there are early bird rates, sibling discounts still apply and are calculated based on those fees.

Sibling discounts do not apply for those who apply for financial assistance. If financial assistance is not awarded or is awarded at a level where families are not paying less than they would with the sibling discount, the sibling discount will be applied at that point instead of financial assistance.

Unless otherwise specified in a particular program agreement, the following will apply:

  • If a class is cancelled due to insufficient registration, registrants will receive a full refund.
  • Approved refundable amounts on programs or activities may be transferred from one activity. These will first be applied to any other outstanding Y balances, including membership.

The Y will extend a member’s renewal for ​serious illness or extended vacation under the following conditions:

  • The member calls in advance to inform us that he/she will not be using their membership privileges or in the case of a major illness, the Y must be notified as soon as reasonably possible.
  • The members bring or send in membership card(s) to be held until membership is reinstated.
  • The membership card(s) will not be used for at least two months.

Returned Checks: There is a $35 processing fee for all returned checks.

Lost Membership Cards: You will be charged a $5 fee to replace a lost Y membership card.

We take photographs and video throughout the year of various Y activities which may be used for publicity and/or for promotional pieces including our web site. The Y reserves the right to use all photographs and video unless we receive specific instructions to the contrary.

The Y offers room rentals with limited availability.
Auditorium: $250/hr
Gym: $200/hr
Room 216-217: $100/hr
Art Room, Room 201 and 312: $75/hr
Music Room: $50/hr

Discounted rates available for long term rentals and not for profit organizations. For more information, or to learn about rates for ongoing events and programs, please contact Victoria Neznansky at: VNeznansky@ywashhts.org or 212-569-6200 ext. 204.

A copy of the Y's Whistleblower Policy can be found here.

Thank you for your interest in the YM&YWHA of Washington Heights & Inwood programming and/or membership. Please note that the Y will discontinue services for ongoing programs (including but not limited to Nursery School and Nursery Camp, Be Me: After School, Camp Twelve Trails, and the Fitness Center) to participants/members who have balances in areas.

The YM&YWHA of Washington Heights & Inwood is a multi-service community center that provides activities which meet the educational, recreational and social needs of the Jewish and general communities.