Learning and Education

A stimulating array of activities for the mind, body and spirit. Scheduled programs include lectures focusing on politics and social issues, health and safety, consumer awareness, the arts and other topics. If there is something you would like to participate in, please let us know... there is a suggestion box at the volunteer desk.
Please check our daily schedule and location of the classes on the electronic board and on the website.

Education and Discussion
Book Discussion Club Are you an avid reader? Are you interested in being part of the book discussion club? Our club is led by an experienced librarian who has a wealth of knowledge and a penchant for literary classics. Join our book discussion club meetings every third Thursday of the month from 1:30-3pm. Check in with us about the next upcoming book selection.

Circles of Support Do you ever need to share and get support from others? Gather with a group of individuals to share stories, life situations, hopes and dreams… each week is different and the group members determine the content and nature of the conversation. We enjoy hearing from each other and learning from each others experiences. Join Marie on Fridays from 2-3.

Games Interested in learning Bridge, Backgammon, Canasta or Chess? Well, you are in luck…! Our resident experts not only share their knowledge but give you an opportunity to rise to the challenge… If you ever wanted to learn, the time is now! Beginners Welcome – Various times and days, please check calendar schedule.

Magic for Adults (60 and better)
Besides the entertaining aspect, did you know performing magic tricks helps refine skills such as memory, dexterity and hand and eye coordination? Participants learn to focus and accomplish specific goals by learning magic effects- simple at first and then more complex tricks as they progress. Join us every Wednesday at 10:30 and prepare to be amazed by Gary Dreifus. Afterall, David Copperfield could stand some competition!

Memoir Writing: Everyone has a story! Your story is important and interesting. There is something fascinating about them all and we would like to invite you to share yours. In this memoir writing class we explore our own life stories to create written narratives. This class is facilitated by Sandee Brawarsky a reknowned writer and book reviewer. Mondays, 1:30– 2:30pm

Memory Support groups in English Maybe you keep misplacing your keys or forget that one item at the grocery store… Come and stimulate your brain with memory activities, games & puzzles. Share your experience & memories with others in a safe environment. Improve your skill and have fun while doing so!

What's Nu? – Join fellow members and community participants to discuss what's new and share with each other.

Social/Political Discussion: Do you enjoy stimulating conversation about world affairs and current events? Keep yourself informed and take this opportunity to share your opinions, views and concerns with others. We all agree to disagree. Join us every Tuesdays from 1 – 2 pm

Activities and Enjoyment Every Wednesday at our center there is a dance party, concert or birthday party after lunch, join us!

Dance Parties Music and dancing bring together the diverse population of our Center. If you love dancing, that is your place. Old and modern American, Latino and line dancing.

Concert and variety performances by local and professional artists. Classical music, opera Broadway tunes and more, attract a large audience from our members and from the community.

Birthday Parties Join us as we celebrate together monthly Birthdays. Music, dancing, flowers and Birthday cake Games Interested in learning Backgammon, Bridge, Canasta, Chess ? If so, sign up at the Volunteer Desk and when there are enough participants we will contact you with dates and times. Monday Movies and discussion. A great selection of new movies bring together movie-lovers. Join us for the Monday movie and stay for a post-movie discussion with Edie Ricks! 1:45pm.

Sunday Movies. Love classic movies? Be at the Center every Sunday at 1:30pm and enjoy the selection

Special Celebration & Commemorations
The Center hosts Thanksgiving luncheons, pre-New Year’s Gala, a Volunteer Recognition Luncheon and much more.

There is a lot to choose from if you love traveling but don’t want or can’t travel alone. We arrange everything and make easy for you to enjoy.

Center for Aduls Living Well @ the Y organizes day trips such as shopping trips, Westchester Broadway Theater, Visit to Barnes Foundation at Philadelphia, Museums, Casino and more.

Y sponsored Overnight Trips/ Cruises are very popular. Having a vocation with your friends, in very interesting destinations like Maine, Lake George, Wildwood, Washington DC, Bermuda and more is a real treat. Try it.