It's never too late to either start learning technology or advance to the next level! Check our FREE computer classes offered in two languages: English and Spanish!

Computer classes: Every Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday. Fear not- the world of technology at the Y is a friendly place with our computer classes and great teachers. We have enlisted the help of our knowledgeable and patient instructors to make even the most apprehensive learners comfortable with learning. Our environment promotes life-long learning and proves there is always something new to discover. Computer classes are offered in both English and Spanish and are led by trained and skilled instructors. We have a curriculum designed to meet the needs of beginners and advanced computer users alike. Topics include: Computer basics, using e-mail, how to search for a job, a doctor, benefit information, getting directions, shopping online, Internet safety, searching and downloading pictures, use of social media, Google, FaceBook, Skype etc.

Supervised Computer labs: Come and practice what you learned in computer class with our labs held every Monday, Wednesday and Sunday

Digital Photography Storytelling (Technology)
In this Living History Art class students learned how to create photographs about their lives while also learning the fundamentals of composition, sending pictures though e-mail, and camera settings.

Coming soon:
How to read the stock Market using technology and Playing chess with computer. If interested, please let us know.