2019 GALA
We invite you to celebrate Dr. Ruth's years of service to the Y and to support and continue our legacy of welcoming immigrants.
Date: December 3, 2019
Time: 6:00pm
Location: Guastavino's, 409 East 59th St, New York, NY 10022
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We will celebrate Dr. Ruth’s 50 years of volunteer service to the Y as Board Member and past President as well as her German Jewish journey. Her journey has not been an easy one; Ruth’s survival and resilience is symbolic of our Washington Heights community.

During wave after wave of immigration to the United States, Washington Heights and Inwood became a destination for refugees fleeing from wars, escaping oppressive regimes or seeking better lives. In the Y’s earliest years, our major focus was the resettlement of refugees from WWI and WWII. Many German, Austrian, and other European Jews fled their countries and settled in Washington Heights. Later, Russian Jews arrived to escape a totalitarian regime. The world turned its back on the Jews. By migrating to our shores, they hoped to create new lives. In rapid order they made Washington Heights their home, and contributed to the community around them. As the Washington Heights and Inwood community continued to change, the Y opened its doors to its newer residents, mostly Dominicans, many of whom also were refugees and immigrants escaping repressive regimes or just seeking opportunity and a new life. Our model of inclusion and the embrace of plurality while retaining Jewish values has made us a stronger and more dynamic institution.



The Y community teaches responsible living, with a focus and a commitment to remember the past.  If we live in the present and ignore the past, we never learn its lessons. If we study the past and never apply it, we have forgotten its lessons.

By honoring those who survived and by remembering the immigrant legacy of Washington Heights, we support and inspire future generations to continue building an inclusive and diverse community determined to succeed. Our 102-year old inspirational history of success in building a community where all are welcome and care for each other will be seen as a model for a just and peaceful world.

We invite you to celebrate with us and support and continue our legacy.  Please check back for additional event details.



We are eager to celebrate our own immigrant heritage in spellbinding architecture designed by an immigrant family, the Guastavinos, an immigrant family whose vaults, ceilings and domes grace Pennsylvania Station, Grand Central Terminal, Ellis Island, City Hall Subway Station, and the area where our event will be held. We know you will appreciate the beautiful terra-cotta tiles and vaulted ceilings and enjoy wonderful food and the company of distinguished guests while supporting our inspirational institution.



DONATE HERE to celebrate Dr. Ruth and to support and continue the Y's legacy of welcoming immigrants.

We remember and welcome. Funds raised from the Gala will be used, in part, to protect our future against recurrence of the past by offering diversity, anti-bias training and programs of remembrance.  We will prepare future generations to fight lies and hate, the symbiotic enemies of truth and inclusion.