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February News:

Dear Friends and Members,

We are in the middle of winter and there are many cold and windy days.  Don’t stay at home!  Reserve a seat on the Y Van! We have transportation Monday through Friday and the van will take you door to door. If you would like more information on using the van for transportation to the Y please speak to Mira Myteberi, Director of CALW Social Services and Education.

The Van is also used to take members of the Center for Adults Living Well @ the Y on trips.  This month we have five trips planned. Please look in the newsletter under special events for the different places we will be going. I hope you will join us on one of our many trips. If you have any ideas of sites to visit please let us know we are always looking for new and interesting places to go!

This month please join us on February 7th as we celebrate the Chinese New Year, with a special meal and The Chinese Music Ensemble of New York, and then join us for our Sweetheart Dance on February 12.  

Don’t forget to look for flyers on the Occupational Therapy Students "Be Well OT Health & Wellness Program" Wednesdays at 10am, please sign up with Carol Daly, Director of CALW Health and Wellness.Starting February 1, AARP volunteers will be here on Monday’s and Wednesday, by appointment only. Please sign up at the volunteer desk or call 212 569 6200 x 227 or x 231.

We hope to see you at Center for Adults Living Well @ the Y 


Leah Ferster
Director, Center for Adults Living Well @ the Y
(for those 60 and better)     

A Message from Carol Daly, Director of Health & Wellness

February is American Heart Month

Do happy and optimistic people live longer and more fulfilling lives? Whether you view the glass as half empty or half full may help determine your risk for heart disease. Just as negative emotions such as depression, anger, and hostility are risk factors for heart attack and stroke, happiness seems to protect the heart. This was the finding from a large study that examined the impact of positive personality traits like happiness, contentment, and enthusiasm on heart disease risk. Happiness may produce a host of positive chemical changes and a reduction in stress hormones.

Other factors that affect our heart health include getting a good night's sleep, eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly. Since heart disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women, your heart deserves your time and attention!

Join us this February in the Healthy Heart Valentine Challenge.