Monthly Calendar & Schedule



 Dear Friends and Members,

This is the moment of embarking
All auspicious signs are in place

The year’s start brings a sense of renewal. 
Leaving past challenges behind, we approach the new year with optimism, renewed energy, and hope. Amidst the howling
wind, swirling snow, and frigid cold, we know that spring will come, and with it, life

Here at CALW, we are anticipating an exciting, energizing, and fun new year. To start
off, “Kick in the New Year with a Former Rockette,” or enjoy a trip to the Palisades
Mall. Attend a lecture on footcare, or learn about benefits and entitlements. Join our
Book Club, or perfect your cyber-skills on our new state-of-the MAC computers. And
what would the new year be without our weekly dance parties, movies, and exercise
classes…not to mention the culinary delights prepared and served by Chef Julio and
his Kitchen team?!

Renew and fresh yourself this year at CALW: the fun’s just started!

Looking forward to seeing you soon,

Marcie S. Gitlin, LMSW, CDP


In early February, Humans in Harmony, an organization that helps community members put their stories to music, will be here to lead an 8-week workshop on songwriting.
No musical is experience required, just a desire to learn and share your story. Please
make sure to sign up for the workshop at the Social Services Department.

Cheers to the New Year!

Yajaira Valle, LCSW
Social Services