The Sosúa Project

After a long run of country-wide productions including the United Nations, our award-winning live production "Sosúa: Dare to Dance Together" is officially complete.

Seeded by a UJA Federation grant, Sosúa was conceived by the YM&YWHA of Washington Heights & Inwood as an initiative to foster intergroup relations between the Jewish and Dominican populations in the community. Sosúa tells the story of Dominican and Jewish teens at the Y, who together with the legendary theater director, Liz Swados, put on a musical about the Dominican Republic's rescue of 800 Jews from Hitler. To great acclaim from diverse audiences, Sosúa: Dare to Dance Together and the teen performers have demonstrated the power to transcend a dark moment in history – World War II and the Holocaust – and celebrate how youth can educate, inspire, and move people of all ethnicities through the performing arts. Sosúa became a legacy and an educational model for teaching peace, tolerance, and gratitude.

Winner: 2012 JCCA Zahav Award

Winner: 2012 Prakhin Foundation Student Winning Award

Thanks to directors Peter Miller and Renee Silverman, the Y's project has a permanent place in history with their documentary "Sosúa: Make a Better World" and a free curriculum guide for educators to teach students the important values that are prevalent within the production

The film interweaves this little-known – and racially complex – Holocaust story with an intimate, behind-the-scenes portrait of the making of the theater production. In a neighborhood where Jews and Latinos live side by side but rarely interact, the theater project brings its young actors on an extraordinary journey of discovery of what unites them – both in the past and in the present.

The film has been broadcasted on WNET/Channel 13 in NY and WLIW/Channel 21; screened at film festivals from Jerusalem to Austin, and put to use as a bridge building resource in diverse communities across the country.