Frequently Asked Questions

Current Y Nursery School (YNS) parents can find more information in the YNS Parent Handbook.

How do I enroll my child in the nursery school at the Y?
Prospective families are welcome to participate in a school tour beginning in November of the year before enrollment. Registration forms are available during the tour, on our website, and at the Y registration desk. In order to secure a spot for a two year old, a $500 deposit must be included along with the completed registration form.  Three and four year olds must apply through the NYC Department of Education Prek-For-All admissions process.
When does registration begin? 

Registration begins for two year olds in the year preceeding enrollment.  The 3k and Prek-For-All admissions process typically will begin in the February before school begins.
Are there admission requirements?
Two year old children are accepted into the program on a rolling basis until we are fully enrolled. We accept children from the community as long as we have space available.  Three and four year olds are selected by the NYC Department of Education based on their priority policies and through random selection.

Are students required to be immunized in order to attend the Y preschool?                               All students must provide an annual, current medical form signed by a pediatrician with documentation of completed and required immunizations. Religious exemptions are no longer allowed for preschool attendance.

Is there tuition assistance available?
Financial assistance is available for families with documented need. A financial assistance form must be completed at the time of registration and is submitted for review at that time.
Is there transportation to and from school available?
For the 2021-2022 school year, door-to-door busing may be available for threes and fours for the 8:30 am arrival and the 2:50 pm dismissal. There is no busing available in the middle of the day or after the extended day hours.
What are your class sizes and how many classes do you have?
There are fifteen children with a lead teacher and an associate teacher in classes of three year olds and there are eighteen children with a lead teacher and an associate teacher in classes of four year olds. There are 12 children with a lead teacher and an associate teacher in classes of two year olds. Currently, we have six classes of three and four year olds and two classes of two year olds.
What is 3K and Prek-For-All (PKA) and does the Y offer a 3K and/or a Prek-For-All program?
3K and PKA is a state and city funded tuition-free program for three and four year old students. In 2021-2022 the Y will offer both 3K and4K full-day programs from 8:30 am to 2:50 pm. The Y also integrates 3k and PKA into its extended day program for three and four year olds with families paying tuition for the non-3K/PKA portions of the day.
Does the Y provide food for the students during the day?
The Y provides a snacks for students in the morning, in the afternoon and during extended day hours. Two year old students bring their own lunches to school. 3K/PKA students receive a free hot lunch daily prepared in the Y's kosher kitchen.  Families can supplement our snack program by signing up to participate in a ‘healthy snack’ program if they would like to.
What special programming does the nursery school offer during the day?
Children participate in a special music program and in a special dance program on a weekly basis. We also work in our roof-top garden in the fall and spring.  On Fridays, a Jewish educator incorporates Jewish cultural experiences into our curriculum for two year olds and during extended day for those children who are participating.
How do you communicate with families during the school year?

Our school communicates regularly with families through a software platform called Remini. Photographs are uploaded and weekly newsletters and school updates are forwarded to families each Friday. Our newsletters contain information about units of study, class outings, and activities that took place during the week in school. Parent-teacher conferences are held twice a year, in December and in May and families are welcome to schedule more frequent meetings with our teachers if needed. Our Parent Committee meets monthly and includes class parents for each group of children. Class parents communicate regularly with families regarding trips and school and community events.


When does the YNS close?
Visit our calendar for a list of closures.

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