The Y program emphasizes individual attention for each child in a nurturing and stimulating environment. Through small group experiences, children work together to learn, share and develop skills. Children are given opportunities to make decisions, under the guidance of teachers, helping them build self-esteem and confidence in themselves. The Y Nursery School has a constructivist approach providing children the opportunity to learn through hands-on participatory experiences with the belief that these types of experiences are critical for a child's growth. Children are given the opportunity to explore, touch, taste, build, interact with other children, experiment and tackle problems while working with a wide variety of materials utilizing rich and inviting learning centers within our classrooms. Our experienced teachers guide children as they make connections, solve problems, and explore their worlds. Instruction incorporates an integrated curriculum using language arts, music, art, social studies, and science as well as physical education.

At the Y Nursery School, we strive to teach our children to be learners for life. Our curriculum is vibrant and literacy-based, focusing on the emotional, social, intellectual, physical and aesthetic development of children. Our program incorporates readiness skills (reading, math, science, and social studies), with teachers and outside specialists providing opportunities to explore music, creative movement and humanitarian values.

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