"Thank you for a truly wonderful year at the Nursery School! Our expectations were high, and they have been exceeded. Most especially, we are grateful for the wonderful teachers who worked magic in the classroom. There are nineteen 4- and 5-year-olds who LOVE these talented women. who created a phenomenal learning environment built upon the children’s interests and experiences and filled with energy, excitement, and kindness.

Nursery school is a treasured time in a child’s life no matter what, but as parents we have seen that once in a while you are fortunate enough to find yourself part of a perfect mix of teachers, children, and families that elevates the whole experience. That happened for us at the Y this year, and Nydia and Vickie were at the center of it. We want you to know how special they are, what excellent teachers and nurturers of children. We would shout their praises from the rooftops if we could!"

-- May 2016

"We feel incredibly grateful to you and your staff for providing Washington Heights and Inwood children with quality early childhood education. Because of the Y’s nursery school, I know that my son is fully prepared for kindergarten. Thank you to the Y’s wonderful staff for these last three years!"

- Saul, father of Lucian

"The pre-school at the Y is the perfect blend of city smarts and learn by play models . From enrolling to graduating you are now part of a team. The teachers are professionals and it shows immediately . They will greet you with a hug or a handshake. That to me is professionalism . The Y instills confidence, compassion and an eagerness to learn more."

- Brenda, mother of Eddie

"The Y nursery school has been our home away from home, side by side with us, helping to raise our three children. We will forever be indebted to the Y preschool for our secure, bright and happy kids. It’s an invaluable resource for our community, and for our family."

- Lori, mother of Abby, Rachel and Zachary