Bubbie’s Kitchen is an innovative cooking program for children and their families where the food, stories, and culture of the Jewish people come to life. Traditionally, older generations have transmitted a cultural narrative to younger ones, however today children are less likely to live with, or near, extended relatives. The program replicates a Jewish grandmother's kitchen where language, recipes, music, stories, and activities can be preserved and passed on to the next generation.

As the Jews traveled around the changing world, their food has become unique to those continents and countries. Each week children in our afterschool program can visit a new country that is significant to the Jewish people and learn of their cuisines and traditions. Places like Morocco, Germany, the Dominican Republic, and India all come alive through their foods.

Bubbie's Kitchen is generously funded by The Covenant Foundation.

Click here to view Bubbie's Shavuot Recipe


Shavuot Cheesecake Making           Sunday, June 4 Time: TBD


Lag Baomer BBQ via:Hudson Cliffs         Sunday, May 14 

Eden Village Trip                                          Sunday, May 21

Chef Night with Chef Eitan                         Thursday, April 27

Paint Party NYC (with Israeli cuisine)      Sunday, April 30

Community Trip to Eden Village!              Sunday, October 9

Sukkot Family Celebration                        Sunday, October 16